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Graphically View IBM i Journals in the New Version of Surveyor/400

Linoma Software is proud to announce a new version of Surveyor/400, a graphical productivity suite for the IBM i platform. The new 4.2 release allows users to easily work with and view database journals on the IBM i.

Journals are used on the IBM i to track changes to database files, including whenever records are added, changed or deleted. This journal information is used for a variety of purposes on the IBM i including database replication for high availability and auditing for meeting compliance requirements.

Traditionally it has been very cumbersome to view journal information using IBM green-screen commands, in which database changes were not segregated out by individual fields. This made it very difficult to see what actually changed in each database record. It has also been difficult to filter through journals to find specific changes to database records.

With the new version of Surveyor/400, users can now simply right-click on a file and choose to view its journal entries within a graphical interface. The database fields in each journal entry are broken out into columns using a spreadsheet-like experience, which makes it easy to determine exactly what information was changed in each database record.

Surveyor/400 Journal

Screenshot Example

When viewing a journal in Surveyor/400, users can quickly filter and sort records using a variety of criteria including the date, time, user profile and the actual database field contents.  For instance, you may want to be able to quickly see what a particular user changed in a file over a certain time period for a customer. Columns can be rearranged or hidden to create custom viewing layouts which can be saved and reused.

The new Journal viewer feature can be launched from either IBM’s RDi environment or Surveyor/400’s graphical interface.

“Our customers are really excited that they can now work with Journals on the IBM i through an intuitive visual interface.” says Bob Luebbe, Chief Software Architect at Linoma Software. “With this added functionality, Surveyor/400 continues to demonstrate it’s the Swiss Army Knife of productivity tools for the IBM i.”

Using Surveyor/400, both IT Professionals and end-users can also access and work with IBM i database files, libraries, objects and spooled files through a visual interface. Surveyor/400 includes tools to quickly locate and edit records in database files, run SQL statements, manage files on the IFS, work with stored procedures, manage database files and transfer objects and libraries between partitions.

Click here for more information or to download a free 30 day trial of Surveyor/400.


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