Version 3.20 (5/10/2004)

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Version 3.20 (5/10/2004)

Postby Support » 04/19/04 02:21:29 PM

If you already have the RPG Toolbox installed on your iSeries (AS/400) and
want to see your current installed version, run the command:



Version 3.20 (4/27/2004)

ENHANCE: RPGWIZ - Additionally convert CAT operations to EVALs when
CVTCAT(*YES) is specified and if the length of the result
field is less than or equal to the total length of factor 1,
factor 2 and the number of blanks (if specified).

ENHANCE: SEUPLUS - Added new line commands of RC (Retrieve Compile Info)
and WC (Work with Compile Info) to allow a developer to quickly
retrieve and work with compile errors in a popup window, versus
having to scan through often-tedious compile listings. This
window will also show the status and date of the last compile.
As errors are corrected in the source code, the developer can
quickly mark them as "fixed" on the screen.

ENHANCE: SEUPLUS - Added new line command of RVK to retrieve variable
types/lengths, key list fields and parameter list fields for
a RPGLE or SQLRPGLE source member. After running RVK, a
developer can view this information using the VV line command
or by pressin F7 on a variable or list name.

ENHANCE: SEUPLUS - Enhanced F7 function key and VV (View Variable) line
command to allow the user to quickly display the fields that
make up a key list or parameter list within a popup window.

ENHANCE: SEUPLUS - Added new line command of VI to display the numbered
indicators used in a RPGLE or SQLRPGLE program within a popup

ENHANCE: SEUPLUS - Enhanced all SEUPLUS line commands to support source
records up to 162 bytes in length. Previously, the maximum
record length supported was 112 bytes.

ENHANCE: SEUPLUS - When a developer requests to view a variable's
attributes (VV) or used indicators (VI), and if the source
member name has changed since the last time the variable
attributes were retrieved, then automatically prompt the
developer to retrieve variable attributes for the current
member. This automatic feature will be more convenient for
developers so they don't have to remember to run the RV or
RVK line commands when changing between source member names.

ENHANCE: SEUPLUS - Allow a developer to specify where the color hex
code should be placed within a free-form RPG comment line
when using the color or comment (CMT) line commands. From
within the User Defaults screen (line command of USRDFT),
the developer can specify to place the color hex code in
either position 5 of the source line OR place the hex code
immediately after the // comment designator.

ENHANCE: SNIPPETS - Added new source code snippets for the V5R2 RPG
built-in-functions of %BITAND, %BITNOT, %BITOR, %BITXOR,

FIX: SEUPLUS - When breaking extended factor 2 into two lines with
the F8 function key or the BR line command, do not duplicate
the right-hand comments down to the second line.

FIX: SEUPLUS - When highlighting comments in CL source with the HC
line command or HLTCMT command, then also highlight any
comments on that continued onto a second line.

FIX: SEUPLUS - Keep the RPGTOOLBOX library in the library list so the
RV and RVK commands continue to work properly.

FIX: RPGWIZ - When inserting new stand-alone work fields into the D
specs, make sure the new D specs are created after F or H spec
blank lines and comment lines.

Version 3.15 (3/15/2004)

ENHANCE: SEUPLUS - Added new line commands of RM and RRM to allow replacing
the selected source line(s) with the contents of the Toolbox

FIX: RPGWIZ - Only convert the EXTRCT operation if the result field is
numeric and the (E)rror operation extender is not specified.

FIX: SEUPLUS - When viewing a variable with F7 or VV, then mark the
beginning/ending of a variable name when finding a '+', '-',
'=', '>'or '<'.

Version 3.14 (10/27/2003)

ENHANCE: SEUPLUS - Modified VCB line command so you can also view
copy books that use the /INCLUDE statement.

Version 3.13 (10/09/2003)

ENHANCE: SEUPLUS - Added new line commands of MRK and MRKB to add a user's
modification marker to positions 1-4 of source line(s).

ENHANCE: SEUPLUS - When viewing an array's attributes with the VV line
command or F7, show the number of elements in the array.

FIX: RPGWIZ & SEUPLUS - When editing or compressing expressions that
contain constants, break long constants in half properly using the
hyphen (-) and plus (+) symbols. Previously, there was a scenerio
in which a plus was improperly used instead of the hyphen.

FIX: RPGWIZ - When converting a SUBST operation to a %SUBST bif and
if EXAMINEFLD(*YES) is specified: 1) If the result field length
is equal to 1, then don't use %SIZE within the new %SUBST.
If the result field length is greater than 1, but less than the
length of factor2, then do not convert the SUBST.

FIX: RPGWIZ - When converting to free form with FMTCALC(*FREE): If a
variable or program name in an EVAL or CALLP has the same name
as an RPG opcode, then keep the EVAL or CALLP in front of it.

// Before
// After

FIX: RPGWIZ - When documenting nested logic with DOCNEST(*YES)
specified, clear out position 5 only if its hex attribute is
greater than x'40'. Same fix applies to the DOCNST command.

FIX: SEUPLUS - When documenting nested logic with line command DN,
clear out position 5 only if its hex attribute is greater
than x'40'.

FIX: SEUPLUS - Allow reactivating a line with CMT or CMTB when
position 6 contains a hex which is less than or equal to x'40'
and position 7 is an asterisk.

Version 3.12 (8/04/2003)

FIX: RPGWIZ - When converting operations to free form and an error
indicator is specified, then do not attempt to insert an (e)
operation extender if there is not enough room.

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