Version 3.11 (6/26/2003)

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Version 3.11 (6/26/2003)

Postby Support » 03/15/04 09:32:23 AM

FIX: RPGWIZ - When converting a MOVE operation with *JOBRUN in
factor 1 and UDATE or *DATE in factor2, then do not place the
*JOBRUN within the %DATE bif (since it's not needed).

FIX: RPGWIZ - If EXAMINEFLD(*NO) is specified and the user specifies
to convert CALLs or KLISTs, then let the conversion continue
without converting the CALLs and KLISTs (versus disallowing the
conversion of the member).

FIX: RPGWIZ - When redefining data structures with
REDEFINEDS(*YES) specified, then retain a data structure's extra
keywords when it has no fields.

FIX: RPGWIZ - When redefining data structures with REDEFINED (*YES)
specified, then only use the from/to positions to determine the
order of the fields within the data structure. Do not use the
field names as criteria for sorting the fields.[/code][/list]

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