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Automatic IFS Encryption Added to Crypto Complete

September 24, 2013

Crypto Complete™, the popular data encryption solution from Linoma Software, is breaking ground on the IBM i by providing automatic encryption of files stored on the Integrated File System (IFS).  The upgraded version 3.3 can protect the contents of any sensitive IFS files including PDF documents, text files, Excel spreadsheets, binary objects and other graphics files.   

“IBM i shops are storing an increasing amount of confidential data on the IFS,” said Ron Byrd, Linoma’s Senior Engineer for Crypto Complete. “Even though the IBM i is one of the most secure systems in the world, this new version gives our customers yet another layer of protection for their confidential files.”

With Crypto Complete’s encryption registry, an administrator can indicate which sensitive folders on the IFS should be targeted for encryption. When a folder is activated in the registry, Crypto Complete will encrypt any existing files in the folder and then, on an on-going basis will automatically encrypt any files as they are written to the targeted IFS folder. The strong AES cipher is utilized for protecting the files on the IFS, which is a preferred encryption standard with superb performance and proven results. 

For authorized users, files will be automatically decrypted as they are accessed (read) from the encrypted folder. User access is controlled to each folder through the use of IBM authorization lists, which can be granted to individual users or groups.  Detailed audit trails will track when any files are decrypted on the IFS which will log the user id, date, time, file name, job information and other details.

For each IFS folder, the administrator can indicate a unique encryption key for protecting the contents. A comprehensive key management module is included with Crypto Complete for generating and managing encryption keys up to 256 bits in length.  The key management module satisfies strict auditor requirements with dual control, split knowledge, key rotation and reporting.

“PCI, HIPAA and other privacy laws require that your data is secured while at rest, ”said Bob Luebbe, Linoma Software’s Chief Architect. “Along with our proven database field and backup encryption modules in Crypto Complete, automatic IFS encryption covers the remaining area where sensitive data may be stored on the IBM i.”

Pricing for the IFS Encryption module is based on processor group size, starting at $1,995. Crypto Complete is available for a free trial.

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