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FREE Audit Tool Finds Unencrypted Credit Card numbers and Social Security numbers on IBM i

It is critical to provide a high level of protection for sensitive data such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, bank account numbers and other identity information. Besides maintaining the trust of their customers and employees, it is important that organizations don’t fall out of compliance with PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, Sarbanes Oxley and State Privacy laws.

Before you can begin to encrypt sensitive data on your systems, you need to first know all the places it is located. For IBM i customers, this data is likely stored throughout various database files and fields in one or more libraries. Your IT staff may remember the names of some of the files/fields that contain this confidential information, but it is critical that no elements are overlooked. The new Find Database Fields (FNDDBFLD) tool from Linoma Software solves this problem.

FNDDBFLD locates database fields (in physical files and tables) containing values which meet your search criteria. For instance, you can quickly perform a search for any numeric fields that contain a 16 digit number (e.g. credit card numbers) or perform a search for any alpha fields that contain a numeric pattern like 999-99-9999 or 999999999 (e.g. Social Security numbers or Canadian Social Insurance numbers).

The FNDDBFLD tool produces a detailed report for any fields that match your parameters. For each field listed, the report indicates the field’s name, its file name and library. The report also shows the match of the data found for the field, as well as its relative record number.

FNDDBFLD is being provided by Linoma Software at no charge. Bob Luebbe, Chief Architect at Linoma Software, says “This is a tool we wanted to provide all IBM i customers and auditors as a public service so they can quickly find out where they have exposures. This is even a great tool for those organizations that are already doing field encryption, since they can use FNDDBFLD to make sure they didn’t miss anything.”

FNDDBFLD runs on IBM i OS release V5R2 and higher, and only requires 1Mb of disk space. Download the FNDDBFLD tool from:

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