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Backup Encryption Available in Crypto Complete 1.5

(Ashland, NE) – May 5th, 2008 - Crypto Complete protects sensitive data on the IBM System i (iSeries) using strong encryption, integrated key management and auditing. This allows organizations to protect confidential information and expedite compliance with PCI DSS standards, federal regulations (e.g., HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley) and state privacy laws.

One of the primary features of Crypto Complete is its ability to encrypt database fields in an automated fashion, allowing organizations to quickly protect sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank account numbers, wages, etc.

In the new 1.5 release of Crypto Complete, users can:

  • Encrypt backup libraries, objects and IFS files. Using the AES encryption algorithm, customers can choose between key lengths of AES128, AES192 and AES256. The encrypted backups can be targeted to the IFS, a tape device and other physical and virtual backup devices.
  • Use symmetric keys or passwords to protect the encrypted backups.
  • Restore/decrypt libraries, objects and IFS files which were saved using Crypto Complete's backup commands using the native commands provided.
  • More easily deploy Crypto Complete across multiple production, development and test environments.

This software-based solution requires no special hardware or tape devices. Bob Luebbe, Chief Architect of Linoma Software, said “We wanted to make backup encryption easy and cost-effective for our customers. With Crypto Complete, a customer can implement strong backup encryption immediately. They also do not need to purchase a license of Crypto Complete for their Disaster Recovery or HA machine, which is a real cost savings.”