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Crypto Complete trumps hardware for backup encryption

When you're an international bank striving to protect your clients' data, should you rely on new hardware or a data encryption software solution?

As news of data breaches continues to make headlines, Linoma Software is busy helping its clients avoid compromising sensitive data. Linoma Software's most recent case study describes how a client in Switzerland finally found the right solution for its backup encryption requirements.

Crypto Complete backup encryption solutionIDB (Swiss) Bank Ltd. found itself facing a dilemma regarding how to ensure that their required file backups remained secure, not only to meet compliance requirements, but also to maintain their clients’ trust.

At first, IDBS’s IT staff considered adding additional hardware that would manage its secure backup encryption needs. However, once the hardware had been installed, additional (and expensive) challenges quickly became apparent.

They then considered various software options for the bank’s iSeries platform and after careful research, chose Crypto Complete Linoma Software’s backup, IFS, file and field encryption software.

“Rather than deal with the expense and inconvenience of being locked into upgrading one proprietary hardware platform every few years,” Crypto Complete senior architect Bob Luebbe said, “we helped them implement Crypto’s clean and efficient interface.”

For more information about IDB (Swiss) Bank’s experience with Crypto Complete, please read Linoma Software’s case study.