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Crypto Complete 2.0 Released

Crypto Complete protects sensitive data on the IBM System i (iSeries) using strong encryption technology, integrated key management and auditing. This robust solution allows organizations to protect confidential information and expedite compliance with PCI DSS standards, federal regulations (e.g., HIPAA, GLBA and Sarbanes-Oxley), and state privacy laws.

One of the primary features of Crypto Complete is its ability to automatically encrypt database fields such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, etc. Crypto Complete also allows customers to easily encrypt their backups, as well as files on the Integrated File System (IFS).

The new 2.0 release of Crypto Complete provides significant new enhancements including:

  • The ability to encrypt alphanumeric fields of any length (non-block lengths) without having to change field definitions or store the encrypted values externally.
  • A new command to quickly locate unencrypted sensitive data in database files, such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, Canadian Social Insurance numbers, etc.
  • Customizable security alerts. Receive instant notification (via email or system messages) when security-related changes are made or when unauthorized access is attempted in Crypto Complete.
  • Role-based field level authority allows you to control user access to decrypted values, based on i5/OS authorization lists. Based on these authorities, your users can be granted access to either the full values or masked values.
  • Support for automatic encryption of fields contained in multi-member files.
  • Ability to automatically encrypt fields only in certain user-selectable records.
  • Additional SQL functions and stored procedures for encrypting and decrypting data through embedded SQL and remote connections such as ODBC and JDBC.
  • Support for encrypting/decrypting multiple files on the IFS using wildcard names.
  • Formatted audit log reports that can be filtered by user profile, date/time range and audit types.

In a recent interview, Bob Luebbe – Chief Architect at Linoma Software said "We wanted to make it simple for customers to encrypt sensitive data and achieve compliance with PCI and privacy laws. I believe this new 2.0 release of Crypto Complete achieves that goal, while providing a strong integrated key management system and detailed audit trails."

A free, fully-functional 30-day trial of Crypto Complete is available from Linoma Software at www.cryptocomplete.com. Crypto Complete runs on i5/OS releases V5R2 and higher. Pricing starts at $3,995 for a P05 processor group.