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Catch Up on News You May Have Missed

12.23.11 Managed File Transfer Solution GoAnywhere Director 4.0 Released
10.31.11 Linoma Software Releases New White Paper, “DMZ Gateways: Secret Weapons in Network Security”
9.6.11 IT Jungle Case Study: Law Firm Uses Crypto for Field Encryption
8.31.11 Forward Proxy Support Is Latest Addition to GoAnywhere Gateway
8.24.11 GoAnywhere Services 2.5 Release Offers Greater Flexibility
8.09.11 GoAnywhere Wins Top Award for Secure File Transfer Solution
8.01.11 New Case Study: Crypto Complete Trumps Hardware for Backup Encryption
7.15.11 Linoma Software Enhances Its Popular Crypto Complete™ Encryption Software
2.08.11 GoAnywhere Director 3.5 Focuses on Usability
12.10.10 Surveyor/400 3.8 Release Includes New IFS Explorer and Excel Exporting Enhancements
12.07.10 Linoma Bolsters Encryption Tool with New Data Masking Feature
12.06.10 IBM i Encryption is Simplified in Crypto Complete 2.50
9.15.10 Announcing GoAnywhere Gateway - Reverse Proxy Server for the DMZ
6.09.10 GoAnywhere Director Version 3.2.0 Released
6.01.10 Linoma and Protegrity Partner to Expand Data Protection Capabilities
4.22.10 Case Study - Professional Veterinary Products (PVP)
4.20.10 Encryption is Transparent with Crypto Complete and IBM i 7.1
3.08.10 Case Study - Integra Bank
2.23.10 Linoma Bolsters Surveyor/400 with Excel Capabilities, SSL
2.17.10 Tokenization and Faster Encryption available with Crypto Complete 2.20 Release
2.12.10 Surveyor/400 3.7 Released
1.29.10 Case Study - Washington Companies
12.29.09 GoAnywhere Director 3.0 Released
12.23.09 Linoma Lends Its Support to iManifest
12.21.09 Case Study - University of Cincinnati
10.20.09 Managed File Transfer Solution for IBM System p and System z
8.27.09 Beyond FTP: Securing and Managing File Transfer - White Paper Released
8.23.09 Linoma Software releases New Solution for Managed File Transfers
7.15.09 Crypto Complete 2.0 Released
6.08.09 FREE Audit Tool Finds Unencrypted Credit Card numbers and Social Security numbers on IBM i
5.19.09 Linoma Celebrates 15th Anniversary at COMMON 2009
2.10.09 GoAnywhere Director 2.0 Released
7.08.08 Linoma Software Joins the Microsoft MAP Program
6.26.08 Linoma Software Partners with Bsafe Information Systems
5.01.08 Backup Encryption available in Crypto Complete 1.5
4.08.08 GoAnywhere 1.5 Released
3.01.08 Crypto Complete receives high rating of 3.715 by IBM Systems Magazine!
12.18.07 RPG Toolbox Version 4 Released
9.07.07 Surveyor/400 Version 3.4 Released
8.30.07 Automated Field Encryption with Crypto Complete