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Linoma’s RPG Toolbox 5.0 Ready for RDi and Totally Free Form

January 7, 2014    Download PDF

Linoma Software is proud to announce version 5.0 release of RPG Toolbox, allowing IBM i customers to modernize RPG fixed specifications to the totally free form syntax using the new RDi plugin, or optionally from PDM.   A free webinar is scheduled for Jan. 23 to showcase the new features and demonstrate how programmers can take advantage of this new totally free form syntax.

With the V7R1 technology release 7 in November, the IBM compiler was enhanced to allow traditional H, F, D and P specifications to also be in free form syntax. The 5.0 version of RPG Toolbox supports the conversion of those fixed specifications (including C specs) to free form, allowing customers to no longer be bound by traditional columns.   

RPG Toolbox 5.0 ReleasedLinoma’s RPG Toolbox has a long tradition of modernizing even the most complex RPG source code. It includes over 40 options for customizing the conversion process, allowing customers to choose how operations are converted and how the syntax will be styled. 

Ever since the first release of free form RPG in V5R1, Linoma’s customers have been using the RPG Toolbox to convert their fixed format C specifications to free form. Literally millions of lines of legacy RPG source code have been successfully converted to free form with the RPG Toolbox

The new plugin for IBM’s Rational Developer (RDi) allows programmers to easily convert source to free form using the mouse and context-sensitive menus. From RDi, the RPG Toolbox allows the conversion of entire members or just selected blocks of source code. The RDi plugin also allows developers to quickly indent their nested free form logic, making the source easier to read and maintain. The plugin works on RDi versions 8 and 9 with support for IBM i releases V5R3 through V7R1.

 “We are very excited to help IBM i shops convert their fixed-form RPG source code to the totally free form syntax,” said Bob Luebbe, Chief Architect with Linoma Software. “The new RDi plugin will make it even easier to convert to free form, shortening the learning curve for RPG developers.”

The RPG Toolbox free form conversion process can also be launched from an IBM i command line, PDM or SEU. 

A free 30-day trial of RPG Toolbox version 5.0 can be downloaded at Pricing for RPG Toolbox is based on the IBM i processor group from $995 to $3495 per partition, with NO limitations on the number of programs that can be converted.  Existing customers (that are current on maintenance) can upgrade to version 5.0 at no additional charge. The RDi plugin is $500 for multiple developers on the licensed partition.

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