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Linoma Lends Its Support to iManifest

The IBM i continues to work as the backbone of data processing for thousands of mid-size to large enterprises around the world. The secure architecture and flexibility of the IBM i (formerly branded as AS/400, iSeries and System i) has given it much more longevity than was ever predicted by those early skeptics. Even though the IBM i is a very powerful and robust computing platform, many of its supporters do not think it’s getting the attention that it deserves.

This is why Linoma Software is helping fund the iManifest ( initiative, which is an independent movement to recognize the value and achievements of IBM i. iManifest’s stated goal is to “act widely, in various ways helping business-people recognize the merit, excellence and achievements of IBM i.”

An Advanced IBM Business Partner and recipient of awards for its software solutions, Linoma continues to make significant R&D investments into the IBM i marketplace. “We want to shed more light on the IBM i,” says Bob Luebbe – Chief Software Architect at Linoma Software. “Any company that uses an IBM i understands its proven abilities, reliability and speed. I think the iManifest initiative is a great way to get more visibility to this awesome platform, which I have great respect for after personally working with it for over 20 years.”

Linoma Software actively develops, updates, and supports the following solutions for the IBM i platform:

  • RPG Toolbox – The powerful developer toolset that modernizes legacy RPG code to /Free form, including tools to clean up unused RPG source, indent nested logic and write source faster.
  • Surveyor/400 – An award-winning solution for maximizing the value of your IBM i through an intuitive graphical interface. Using Surveyor/400, both I.T. personnel and end-users can quickly access and work with iSeries data, files, libraries, objects and reports.
  • Crypto Complete – Protects sensitive data using strong encryption, integrated key management and auditing.  Crypto Complete allows organizations to encrypt database fields, backups and IFS files quickly and effectively with its intuitive screens and proven technology.

Linoma Software’s GoAnywhere Suite runs on IBM i and other platforms:

  • GoAnywhere Director – Streamlines and manages data movement through an innovative centralized approach. It allows your organization to connect to almost any system (internal or external) and securely exchange data using a wide variety of standard protocols.
  • GoAnywhere Services – Allows trading partners and employees to securely connect to your organization and easily download or upload files. Popular file transfer and encryption standards are supported without the need for proprietary client software.
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