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Surveyor/400 Version 3.7 Released

Considered by many as the Swiss Army Knife of tools for the IBM i – Surveyor/400 now includes even more features to improve productivity and security on the IBM i.

Using Surveyor/400, both IT Professionals and end-users can quickly access and work with IBM i database files, libraries, objects and spooled files through a visual interface. With Surveyor/400’s role-based access and extensive audit features, organizations can provide users with the data access they need without compromising security policies.

Surveyor/400 allows users to easily query and download data from IBM i to their desktops and network servers. The new version 3.7 provides support for Excel 2007 with custom formatting options to create professional-looking spreadsheets. Surveyor/400 additionally supports earlier versions of Excel, as well as CSV, fixed width text, HTML and XML documents.

Surveyor/400 3.7 can also import Excel 2007 documents into database files on IBM i, providing users with graphical data mapping wizards to simplify the process.

Version 3.7 also adds support for SSL connections between the Surveyor/400 client and the IBM i server. This allows all functions in Surveyor/400 including queries, file editing, file transfers and 5250 emulation to run over an encrypted tunnel. Protecting the transmission of sensitive data between the client and server is important for meeting compliance regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI and state privacy laws.

Surveyor/400 provides high-speed access to data on the IBM i. The version 3.7 release further enhances its performance with new drivers and a faster JVM. Users can generally expect sub-second response times for most of Surveyor/400’s functions, which is noteworthy for a graphical solution.

Surveyor/400 includes tools to quickly locate and fix records in database files, run SQL statements, manage files on the IFS, work with stored procedures, manage database files and transfer objects and libraries between systems. Customers can also reduce printing costs by converting spooled files to PDF and downloading to the network or PCs.

“The number of benefits within Surveyor/400 make it an indispensable tool for any company using the IBM i platform. Many of these tools are also accessible through Surveyor/400’s free plug-in for IBM’s WDSc and RDi.” says Bob Luebbe, Chief Software Architect at Linoma Software.

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