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RPG Toolbox Version 4 Released

(Ashland, NE) – December 18, 2007 - Linoma Software is proud to announce the new version 4 release of its RPG Toolbox product. This new release performs an even more complete modernization of RPG applications and will also clean up unused RPG source code.

RPG Toolbox is a comprehensive product which System i (iSeries) shops can use to quickly modernize their RPG applications with minimal effort. This proven product has been used by thousands of customers all over the world to successfully convert millions of lines of RPG source code.   The RPG Toolbox will modernize both RPG III and RPG IV source code to the latest RPG IV syntax in either fixed format or /Free form style.

In this new release, RPG Toolbox will convert most RPG operations to /FREE form syntax. For customers on i5/OS version V5R4 and higher, an important new feature will convert embedded SQL into its /FREE form equivalent.

RPG Toolbox performs a much more thorough conversion to /Free form than the standard IBM conversion found in WDSc.   It includes over 40 options for customizing the conversion process, allowing customers to choose how operations are converted and how the syntax will be styled. RPG Toolbox converts complex RPG syntax to /Free form, such as left-hand indicators, right-hand indicators, calc-defined work fields, MOVEAs, CALLs, Key Lists, and MOVEs with dissimilar field lengths and types. Source can be converted to upper case, lower case or mixed case.

The new release of RPG Toolbox also includes a new Clean RPG Source (CLNRPG) command, which can be used to quickly find, and optionally remove, unused definitions and logic found within RPG source code. CLNRPG can be configured to find unused stand-alone work fields, subroutines, prototypes, key lists, parameter lists and tags.

By removing unused definitions and logic from your RPG programs, these programs will compile faster and run more efficiently. The programs will also be easier to maintain and test since programmers will not have to work with unused source code.

CLNRPG has two different actions. The first action called *INSPECT will generate a report of unused definitions and logic in the program, but will not remove any source code. The second action called *CLEAN will generate a report and will additionally remove the unused definitions and logic from the source code. The removed definitions and logic will be placed into another source file (Recycle Bin) for backup purposes.

RPG Toolbox also includes commands for indenting nested logic within /Free-form source code and highlighting commands. All RPG Toolbox commands can be launch from an iSeries command line, PDM or from WebSphere Development Studio (WDSc). Over 70 line commands are additionally provided for analyzing and maintaining source code faster within SEU.

RPG Toolbox is supported on i5/OS versions V5R1 and higher.  Pricing is processor based from $995 to $3495. A free 30-day trial can be downloaded at www.linomasoftware.com or by calling 1-800-949-4696 or (402)944-4242.