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Tokenization and Faster Encryption - Crypto Complete 2.20

Crypto Complete protects sensitive information on IBM i (iSeries) using strong AES encryption, integrated key management and auditing. Crypto Complete can automatically encrypt targeted data wherever it is stored on IBM i - including database fields, tape backups and the Integrated File System (IFS). This complete encryption solution helps organizations to quickly comply with PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley and state privacy laws.

Tokenization is now available with the new release of Crypto Complete 2.20, which should be considered when sensitive data is stored on multiple systems. Tokenization is the process of replacing sensitive data with unique identification numbers (e.g. tokens) and storing the original data on a central server in encrypted form. By centralizing sensitive data, tokenization helps to thwart hackers and minimize the scope of compliance audits such as PCI. 

Tokenization can be used to protect any sensitive data elements including credit card numbers (PAN), bank account numbers, Social Security numbers and other personal identity information. Crypto Complete offers several advantages in a tokenized data environment:

  • Centralizes key management and policies onto a single server
  • Supports tokenization of data from diverse systems including IBM i, Windows, Linux, AIX, etc.
  • Secures token connections through HTTPS protocol
  • Auto-assigns token identifiers from the central token server 
  • Allows securing data elements by User Id, User Group and/or Authorization Lists
  • Provides centralized audit logs and message alerts

Additionally, Crypto Complete 2.20 offers faster encryption for backups while eliminating the need for intermediate save files. This software solution is an affordable alternative to hardware-based encryption, allowing customers to use their existing tape drives for backups and disaster recovery.   

“Customers really appreciate the overall features and peace-of-mind they get with Crypto Complete.” states Bob Luebbe, Chief Architect for Linoma Software. “Everything they need is included from managing keys, to encrypting and tokenizing data, and finally auditing… all completely integrated and native on the IBM i.”