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Encryption is Transparent with Crypto Complete and IBM i 7.1

Omaha, NE – April 20th, 2010

Linoma Software announced that Crypto Complete supports IBM i 7.1 and will take advantage of the new SQL Field Procedures to automatically encrypt and decrypt database columns. This important enhancement will allow customers to more easily protect sensitive data on IBM i including credit card numbers (PAN), bank account numbers, social security numbers and other personal identifiable information (PII).

SQL Field Procedures are a new DB2 feature in version 7.1 that allows a user-specified “exit” program to be called whenever data is read from, inserted into, or updated in a field (column). This is somewhat similar to database column triggers; however there are two distinct advantages:

  1. Field Procedures allow data to be modified on a Read operation, which allows the exit program to automatically decrypt the field value before it is returned to the customer’s application.
  2. Field Procedures provide a separate internal space to store the encrypted version of the field value. This allows organizations to encrypt numeric fields such as packed decimal, signed decimal and integer data types without having to store the encrypted values in a separate file.

While IBM provided the hooks into the database with Field Procedures, they rely on 3rd party vendors like Linoma Software to provide the encryption functions and key management. Linoma worked closely with IBM to test the new Field Procedures and provide feedback to their development team during the early release beta program for 7.1. This also allowed Linoma sufficient time to fully integrate Field Procedures into Crypto Complete for readiness when i 7.1 ships.

“We utilize database column triggers in Crypto Complete to automatically encrypt fields on prior versions of IBM i.” states Bob Luebbe, Chief Architect for Linoma Software. “With Field Procedures and our new version of Crypto Complete, data can also be automatically decrypted without having to make application changes. This is a huge benefit for customers that are running canned packages and don’t want to change their source code.”

Crypto Complete is being used by IBM i customers around the world to protect sensitive information using strong AES encryption, integrated key management and auditing. Crypto Complete can encrypt targeted data wherever it is stored on IBM i - including database fields, backups and files on the Integrated File System (IFS). This helps organizations to more quickly become compliant with PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley and the ever-growing number of state privacy laws.

Linoma Software is hosting a webinar, “Crypto Complete and SQL Field Procedures” on Thursday, May 13th at 11 a.m. CDT. IBM i customers are encouraged to sign up for this free webinar at http://www.linomasoftware.com/resource-center/web-demos to learn about this significant new feature.

Founded in 1994, Linoma Software provides innovative technologies for protecting sensitive data and automating data movement. Linoma Software has a diverse install base of over 3,000 customers around the world including corporations, non-profit organizations and government entities. Linoma is an advanced IBM business partner and member of the PCI Security Council.

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For More Information: Brian Pick, Linoma Software, 402-944-4242 ext 712, bpick@linoma.com