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Version 3.0.x (11/22/2005)
PostPosted: 09/26/05 03:18:29 PM Reply with quote
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Version: 3.0.8 - Released: 11-22-05 - Fixes.

  • Native Import and Export - Specify date format property on JDBC connection. Newer JDBC drivers are more sensitive to this property.
  • TN5250 - Device names were not being retrieved correctly when preferences are stored in User Folder.

Version: 3.0.7 - Released: 11-15-05 - Fixes.

  • Minor bug fixes and documentation changes for public build.
  • User Access - When adding a new user. If the new user is in a group, and Modify Library List is checked, prompt user to copy the group's library list.

Version: 3.0.6 - Not a public Release: 11-09-05 - Fixes

  • WDSC Plugin - Fix incompatibility with WDSC 6.x
  • Export logging - Log File Editor exports made by using Export Selected Records and Export Page
  • File Editor - Position - Do not trim leading spaces in Position dialog.

Version: 3.0.5 - Released: 10-25-05 - Enhancements and Fixes.

  • Add ability to control Java output on EXPSPL, EXPDTA, and IMPDTA commands.(Update Server)
  • EXPDTA - Add Unicode option.(Update Server)
  • EXPSPL - Add option to replace form feed characters with ASCII form feed characters.(Update Server)
  • Export Wizard - Fix some special characters not exporting correctly to IFS. Caused by Unicode change in 3.0.3.
  • EXPDTA - Fix failure of exports using a specification due to older version of Java Toolbox licensed program. Caused by Unicode change in 3.0.3.(Update Server IFS)
  • Fix authority error when adding certain users to a group.(Update Server)

Version: 3.0.4 - Not a public Release: 10-06-05 - Enhancements

  • Spooled File Export - Text files - Add ability to replace form feed with ASCII form feed.

Version: 3.0.3 - Released: 10-04-05 - Enhancements and Fixes.

  • Export Wizard - Add ability export using Unicode encoding.
  • Fix new users library list not being initialized with *NEWUSR's library list. (Update Server)

Version: 3.0.2 - Released: 09-26-05 - Enhancements and Fixes.

  • Install - List administrators if user is not an Administrator.
  • Export Layout - Export column headings or custom column headings, depending on the Layout's Name/Description property.
  • File Editor Filter - Allow user to leave prompt field empty.
  • File Editor Filter - Allow user to Run Filter, if they don't have Modify Filter authority.
  • Export Layout - Prompt user to fill in Prompt field values
  • File Editor - Fix quirky select and right-click behavior of RRN fields.
  • Client Update - Fix problem of some non-Windows platform not getting update due to missing folder.

Version: 3.0.1 - Released: 09-13-05 - Fixes.

  • Import Excel - Fix problem of Crystal Reports created spreadsheet not importing.
  • System Properties - Fix IFS version displayed as 3000.
  • Update Server Library - Display better message for empty update.

Version: 3.0.0 - Released: 09-09-05 - Enhancements and Fixes.

  • User Access - Add ability to place users in a group.
  • User Access - Add Object Access.
  • User Access - Add Last Log On time stamp.
  • User Access File Editor - Add Public Layout, Add, Change, Delete
    and Undelete authorities.
  • User Access Spooled Files - Add Manage and Export authorities.
  • Layout Security - Add ability to assign authority to individual layouts.
  • Layout - Add Layout Properties.
  • Layout - If the format id of the file has changed since the layout
    was created, the user is shown the differences and is given the opportunity
    to adjust the layout.
  • Layout - Added option to open layout without the using the saved filter.
  • Layout - Added option copy and rename.
  • File Editor - Add Layout name to title bar.
  • File Editor Filter - Add promptable filter fields. User will be prompted
    for input when the filter is executed.
  • File Editor Filter - Added cancel button to revert back to previous
    filter before Filter window was opened.
  • File Editor - Retain filter when changing member.
  • File Editor - Add ability to set authority when using Save Layout As.
  • Password protection - Improved password protection.
  • Delete Database Objects - Delete multiple database objects from main window.
  • Generate DDS - Add GENDDS command to generate DDS for multiple files.
  • Configure - Add ability to change order of systems.
  • SQL Editor Column Prompt - Add ability to sort and find in column
    prompt window.
  • Changed monospaced font to a font which can more easily distinguish
    the letter O from the number zero.
  • Delete objects/members - Made result message box scrollable.
  • Add option to check for major upgrade on IFS.
  • Delete Members - Add ability to remove multiple members from main
  • FTP iSeries - No save file transfer - Add ability to specify transfer
    types ASCII, EBCDIC and Binary.
  • FTP iSeries - Save file transfer - Add better error handling for
    save and restore operations. Must be installed on target system for
    restore messages
  • FTP iSeries - Save file transfer - Use Save While Active *SYNCLIB.
  • Add multi item progress bar to updates and spooled file export.
  • SQL Editor - Show warning messages in log.
  • SQL Procedure - Add right-click text edit menu items.

  • File Editor Export - Fix unnecessarily adding double quotes around
    fields that contain commas for XLS export.
  • Fix Lucida Typewriter Font not found.
  • IFS Editor - Fix Ctrl-c not always working.
  • FTP Workstation - Fix byte count for files over 2.14GB.
  • Delimited Import - Fix problem of unnecessarily trimming text around
    delimiter character when that character is not used as a delimiter but
    is present inside of a text qualifier.
  • Import/Export Wizard - Fix. Specification name may disappear if window
    is resized too small.
  • Import - Give user opportunity to select a different system when
    saved IFS source system does not connect.
  • Export Spool Specification - Fix. After opening a saved specification,
    the destination may be null if the destination format is changed without
    reloading the specification.
  • Update Server - Library Objects - Fix not always working on V4R5.
  • Member List - If member list too large use alternate retrieval method.
  • Fix problem of frames not closing when the X is clicked on.
  • SQL Editor - Fix Call stored procedure with system naming.
  • External Procedures - Use system naming for Show SQL Editor when
    procedure contains entry points or when the external library is *LIBL.
  • Fix busy cursor problem when beginning a File or Object Search.
  • IFS Navigation - Fix bug of busy cursor turning off too quickly which
    allowed users to click on components that were not ready for input.

Complete Change History

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Version 3.0.x (11/22/2005)
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