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Version 4.01 (12/18/2007)
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If you already have the RPG Toolbox installed on your iSeries (AS/400) and
want to see your current installed version, run the command:



| Please read the RPG Toolbox Manual for complete |
| details on any of the enhancements listed below. |


Version 4.01 (12/18/2007)

+ A new product license key is required when upgrading from a prior +
+ version of the RPG Toolbox. Please contact Linoma Software at +
+ to request a new product license key. +

FIX: CLNRPG: When finding unused Prototypes, do not remove Entry
Prototypes out of the D specs. These are the Prototypes which
have the same name as the program name.

FIX: CLNRPG: When removing unused KLISTs, also remove any related
KFLD source lines.

FIX: CLNRPG: When finding unused stand-alone work fields for member
types of SQLRPGLE, do not remove those work fields which are
referenced in EXEC SQL statements.

FIX: RPGWIZ: When EXAMINEFLD(*YES) is specified on the conversion of a
member type of SQLRPG or SQLRPGLE, find the field types/lengths
for the compiler-generated SQL* fields (ie SQLCODE).

FIX: SEUPLUS: When examining a field with the F7 key, RV or RVK
command, find the field types/lengths for the compiler-generated
SQL* fields (ie SQLCODE).

Version 4.00 (11/15/2007)

ENHANCE: Added a new command named CLNRPG (Clean RPG Source). This command
will find, and optionally remove, unused definitions and logic
found within RPG IV (RPGLE and SQLRPGLE) programs.

CLNRPG can be configured to remove unused stand-alone work fields,
subroutines, prototypes, key lists, parameter lists and tags.

By removing unused definitions and logic from your RPG programs,
these programs will compile faster and run more efficiently. The
programs will also be easier to maintain and test since you won?t
have to work with unused source code.

The CLNRPG command has two different actions. The first action
called *INSPECT will generate a report of unused definitions and
logic in the program, but will not remove any source code. The
second action called *CLEAN will generate a report and will
additionally remove the unused definitions and logic from the
source code. The removed definitions and logic will be placed
into a Recycle Bin source file (which you can specify the name of).

You can run the CLNRPG command from a command line, PDM or WDSc.

The command is named RPGTOOLBOX/CLNRPG. You can create a PDM
option for the command using the RPGTOOLBOX/CRTOPT command. If
you use WDSc, you can launch the command by configuring a custom
compile option.

After the CLNRPG command is prompted, press F1 on any parameter
for more help.

ENHANCE: RPGWIZ - For i5/OS version V5R4 and higher, convert embedded SQL
to its /FREE form equivalent when converting to free-form.

// Before

// After

ENHANCE: RPGWIZ - Included instructions in the manual on how to launch the
RPG Toolbox commands from WebSphere Development Studio Client (WDSc)
by creating your own custom compile commands within the Remote
System Explorer.

ENHANCE: RPGWIZ - For i5/OS release V5R3 and higher, convert the TIME opcode
to %dec(%time) if the result field is numeric and 6,0 in length.

// Before
C time currtime 6 0

// After
currtime = %dec(%time);

ENHANCE: RPGWIZ - When in trial mode, allow running RPGWIZ in batch and from
within WDSc (WebSphere Development Studio client).

ENHANCE: INDENT - Added new parameter to INDNST (Indent Nested Logic) command
to allow user to specify the starting column number for the
free form source code. Valid starting columns are from 8 to 30.

ENHANCE: SNIPPETS - Added new snippets for the %HANDLER and %XML
built-in-functions which came out in V5R4. These snippets can be
inserted using the SEU PLUS line command of IX.

ENHANCE: Delete compile listing if no errors/warnings found during a RPGWIZ
conversion and when fields retrieved with RV line command.

FIX: INDENT - Ignore constants (surrounded by quotes) when determining
the start of a new nesting group. For instance, do not consider
a 'FOR' contained within quotes as a true FOR statement.

FIX: RPGWIZ - When converting to /Free form, do not add paraenthesis ()
after a prototype call when the ( starts on the next line.

// Before
C callp protoA
C callp protoB
C (parm1 : parm2)

// After
protoA ();

(parm1 : parm2);

FIX: RPGWIZ - Convert left hand indicators on RETURN statements.

// Before
C LR return

// After
if *inlr = *on;

FIX: INDENT - When indenting source code, do not indent source code
under a embedded SQL SELECT statment.

FIX: RPGWIZ - When redefining data structure fields, retain the comments
in positions 1-5.

NOTE: RPG Toolbox works on i5/OS release V5R1 and higher.

Version 3.52 (11/12/2006)

FIX: RPGWIZ - Calculate field lengths properly for constants which
contain double quotes. For instance the length of the constant
of '123''' is 4.

FIX: RPGWIZ - Do not convert IF statements that contain *ON or *OFF
in both factor 1 and factor 2. For instance, *ON *IFEQ *OFF will
not convert.

Version 3.51 (4/10/2006)

FIX: Ignore embedded SQL statements When determining the level
of nested logic.

FIX: When CVTKLIST(*YES) is specified, properly convert a key list
(into a data structure) which is at the very bottom of a program.
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Version 4.01 (12/18/2007)
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