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Version 3.3.x (5/01/2007)
PostPosted: 09/05/06 12:30:21 PM Reply with quote
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Version: 3.3.11 - Released: 05-01-07 - Enhancements and Fixes.

  • WDSC Plugin - Add support for WDSC 7

  • File Editor - Filter - When filtering a file with a record length
    between 1009 and 2032 in view only mode, the incorrect number of
    records may returned due to a blocking factor problem. IBM may fix
    this via PTF, in the meantime we calculate the blocking factor.

Version: 3.3.10 - Released: 04-17-07 - Enhancements and Fixes.

  • Export Spooled File - Add ability to change leading.
  • Field Properties - Add support for ROWID columns. (Update Server 3.0.9)

  • Layouts - Allow Surveyor Administrator to delete layouts with corrupt authority records.
  • Layouts - Fix problem when user without 'Public Layout Authority' creates layout. (Update Server 3.0.9)

Version: 3.3.9 - Released: 04-03-07 - Enhancements and Fixes.

  • File Groups - Allow user to choose a different system when saved system is not found.
  • File Groups - Show error messages when loading files, and give user option of removing files in error from group.

Version: 3.3.8 - Released: 01-24-07 - Enhancements and Fixes.

  • Import - Fix SQL0206 error when first field in specification is excluded.

Version: 3.3.7 - Released: 01-09-07 - Enhancements and Fixes.

  • Layouts - Prompt Filter - Add Field Description column.

  • Export Database - Fix bug when excluding all but one field.
  • Layouts - Generate Script - Surround layout names that contain spaces with double quotes.
  • Generate DDS - Fix column headings and text not being generated for files that have reference file when 'Reference Data' box is unchecked. ( Update Server 3.0.8 )
  • Field Properties - Fix incorrect length for complex types. ( Update Server 3.0.8 )
  • SQL Generator - Fix incorrect length for complex types. ( Update Server 3.0.8 )

Version: 3.3.6 - Released: 12-05-06 - Enhancements and Fixes.

  • Delete - Add ability to delete *MSGQ and *PNLGRP objects.

  • File Editor - Recognize a field when it is renamed but original name is specified as key. (Update Server 3.0.7)
  • Long file names - Fix long file names not appearing on various screens. (Update Server 3.0.7)

Version: 3.3.5 - Released: 12-01-06 - Fixes.

  • Import/Export - When opening specifications on the client, look up by system name current IP address, user name, and password as opposed to using what is saved.
  • SQL Editor - Improve SPL parsing.

Version: 3.3.4 - Released: 11-03-06 - Enhancements and Fixes.

  • Members - Allow multi-selected members to be used in FTP functions.
  • Members Properties - Allow multi-selection of members.
  • FTP Log Viewer - Open View Field box upon double-click.
  • FTPOBJ - Add restore member option - parameter RMBROPT. Useful when member names of an existing target file do not match the source. (Update Server 3.0.6)
  • FTPOBJ - Allow FTP 550 errors that contain successful restore messages to have a status of Finished instead of FTP Error. (Update Server 3.0.6)
  • FTPOBJ - Increase maximum objects selected from 10 to 100, and maximum members selected from 10 to 50. (Update Server 3.0.6)
  • FTPF - Increase maximum objects selected from 10 to 100. (Update Server 3.0.6)
  • EXPDTA, EXPSPL, IMPDTA - Add redirect log output - parameter REDIRLOC. Allows log file to be directed to an IFS file or an OUTQ. Works in conjunction with the OUTPUT parameter. (Update Server 3.0.6)

  • SQL Editor - Allow Common Table Expressions under the 'Allow SQL' authority setting.

Version: 3.3.3 - Released: 10-04-06 - Fixes.

  • Export Fixed Width - SQL Results - Fix SQL error when next button is pressed.
  • Export Fixed Width - Only reset field lengths if file changes when next button is pressed.
  • WDSC Plugin - TN5250 - Fix key mappings not being saved.

Version: 3.3.2 - Released: 09-28-06 - Enhancements and Fixes.

  • Command Line Option- Add ability to run iSeries commands from a command script using the -runcommand or -runcommandprompt arguments.

  • EXPDTA - Fix Fixed Width exports ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error.

Version: 3.3.1 - Released: 09-15-06 - Fixes.

  • Export Database - Fix member not being replaced correctly when target file is on a different system than the source file.
  • Export Database - When source file contains more fields than target file, give user option to exclude orphaned fields.
  • SQL Editor - Fix library list field text being initialized to 'SURVEYOR' instead of saved preference when changing systems.

Version: 3.3.0 - Released: 08-31-06 - Enhancements and Fixes.

  • Export - Consolidate all Exports into Export Wizard.
  • Export - Export to another database file.
  • Export - Add column headings option for first row exported.
  • Export Excel - Add option to bold column headings.
  • Export - Add option to open exported file.
  • Export - When exporting to Clipboard add ability to select a format.
  • Export - File Editor and SQL results - Add ability to export with any delimiter.
  • Export - File Editor and SQL results - Add ability to export in fixed width and XML.
  • Import - Distinguish between warnings and errors.
  • Import - Excel - Allow user to select a sheet.
  • Import - Excel - Support basic formulas.
  • Import - Add ability to match source and target fields by name.
  • Import/Export - Add IASP support for EXPDTA and IMPDTA commands.
  • User Access - Add 'Export Layout' authority that will allow users without Object Access to still export layouts.
  • User Access - Add 'Export to Database' authority.

  • User Access - Changes to Data Transfer logs will be immediate when the change is being made to the Administrator's currently connected user id.
  • Generate DDS - Fix bug when references file not found. (Update Server 3.0.5)
  • Generate DDS - Add support for allow null and alias. (Update Server 3.0.5)
  • IFS Properties - Fix not available messages when IFS file has more than 16 authorized users. (Update Server 3.0.5)
  • Object Search - Allow Object:*ALLUSR Library:QSYS or *LIBL Type:*LIB. Allows user to get a list of *ALLUSR libraries. (Update Server 3.0.5)
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Version 3.3.x (5/01/2007)
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