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Crypto Complete

Protect sensitive IBM i data with encryption, key management and auditing

Crypto Complete protects sensitive data using strong encryption, integrated key management and auditing. Crypto Complete allows organizations to encrypt database fields, backups and IFS files quickly and effectively with its intuitive features and proven technology.

This innovative solution is vital for protecting confidential information and expediting compliance with PCI DSS standards, federal regulations (i.e. HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley) and state privacy laws.

Check out the extensive features in Crypto Complete:

Darrell Stickler of CU*Answers talks about Crypto Complete's ease of use.
  • Automatically encrypt database fields on IBM i (iSeries) without changing applications
  • Protect credit card numbers (PAN), bank account numbers, Social Security numbers and other personal identity information (PII)
  • Encrypt IBM i libraries/objects (backup encryption)
  • Automatically encrypt files on the Integrated File System (IFS)
  • Create, manage and protect Keys with Crypto Complete's integrated Key Manager
  • Integrate with enterprise key managers from other vendors (e.g. Safenet, Vormetric)
  • Rotate Keys without having to change applications
  • Encrypt using strong algorithms (AES256, AES192, AES128 or TDES)
  • Decrypt values only for authorized users (either the full value or masked value)
  • Tokenize, encrypt and store data from diverse systems (e.g. IBM i, Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.) 
  • Produce comprehensive audit trails and reports

The design of Crypto Complete allows organizations to implement encryption quickly using intuitive screens and commands, while providing a high degree of protection. Every effort has been made in Crypto Complete to minimize the application changes needed, allowing an organization to implement encryption successfully for less time and money.

Linoma Software is a member of the PCI Security Standards Council.


Read the CDW Case Study on how they met PCI Compliance with Crypto Complete

Customer Quotes

"We compared Crypto Complete to other iSeries field encryption products. We went with Crypto Complete for a few reasons. First, we felt that your solution was focused on doing core functionality well and simple rather than doing a lot of things and being complicated. Second, the documentation is excellent and helped us understand the product as well as maintenance tasks such as backups of keys, etc. Third, Linoma did a great job in getting a developer to explain a couple of things to me. Since we're located in Iceland, that was very impressive and gave me a 'feel good' factor for the support I could expect from Linoma. Lastly, Crypto Complete enabled us to get cryptographic key management and use of cryptographic functions on our iSeries platform PCI compliant quickly and without a steep learning curve. Thanks everyone at Linoma!"

Gunnar Gunnarsson, Korta Payments

"We have found Crypto Complete to be very easy to use.  In about an hour, we had our first field encrypted! Crypto Complete gives us the option to automatically encrypt data, which eliminates the need for us to make software changes for encryption.  The staff at Linoma Software has been very knowledgeable and helpful."

Brad Snapp, City of Owensboro

"I don't know any vendor that actively follows up on issues the way you do; the level of support all of you at Linoma provide keeps astonishing me."

John Sanfilippo, JS Enterprises Pty Ltd, Australia

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