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Main Features

Encryption, Tokenization and Key Management by Crypto Complete

Crypto Complete includes the comprehensive features needed to satisfy stringent requirements for encryption and key management. This proven solution is used in mission-critical environments to protect sensitive data on IBM i (iSeries), as well as data from distributed systems.  Organizations around the world depend on Crypto Complete to help secure confidential information from both external hackers and unauthorized internal users.

The primary capabilities of Crypto Complete are:

  • Automated encryption of fields within IBM i database files (physicals and tables)
  • Encryption of IBM i files, objects and libraries (backup encryption)
  • Automatic encryption of files located on the Integrated File System (IFS)
  • Tokenization, encryption and storage of data from remote systems (IBM i, Windows, Linux, etc.)
  • Integrated Key Management with Role-based administration
  • Support for DB2 Field Procedures in IBM i V7R1 and higher
  • Encryption of small database fields without requiring field expansion
  • Encryption of alphanumeric, numeric, date, time and timestamp database fields
  • Decryption of fields as full values or masked values, based on authorization lists
  • Support for AES (AES128, AES192, AES256) and TDES encryption algorithms
  • Rotation of encryption keys without having to re-encrypt existing data
  • Intuitive IBM i menus and commands with online help text
  • Program calls and ILE procedures for encrypting/decrypting data within native applications
  • Stored procedures and SQL functions for encrypting/decrypting data through SQL
  • Restrict programmers from accessing decrypted values, even if they have *ALLOBJ authority
  • Security alert messages to email addresses, message queues, journals and SYSLOG
  • Comprehensive audit trails and reporting 
  • Support for multiple environments (data libraries)

Crypto Complete installs as a licensed program on the IBM i and utilizes less than 75Mb of disk space.  It can typically be installed within a few minutes.  The commands in Crypto Complete have comprehensive online help text and are accessible through intuitive native IBM i menus.

The IBM i is also referred to as System i, iSeries, AS/400, AS400 and i5