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Crypto Complete - Technical Specs


Crypto Complete for IBM i
 Operating System  i5/OS V5R2 or higher
 Disk Space  75 MB
 Data Encryption  Database Fields (Columns), IFS files, Backups
 Encryption Algorithms  AES256, AES192, AES128, TDES
 Key Generation  Random, Passphrase-based,
 Manual Import
 Key Type  Symmetric
 Master Encryption Keys (MEK)
 Data Encryption Keys (DEK)
 Number of Key Stores allowed  Unlimited quantity
 Number of Keys allowed per Key Store
 Unlimited quantity
 Dual Control of Keys  Yes
 Integration with External Key Management Systems  Yes
 Separation of Duties  Yes
 Field Encryption Modes  Automatic or Manual
 Encrypt Alpha Fields  Yes
 Encrypt Numeric Fields  Yes
 Encrypt Date and Time Fields  Yes
 Custom Mask formats  Yes
 Tokenization Support  Yes
 Column Trigger Support  Yes
 DB2 Field Procedure Support  Yes
 Backup Protection Methods  Key or Password
 Support for Multiple Environments  Yes
 Audit Trails  Yes (into secure journal file)
 Security Alerts  Email
 Message Queue (break or info)
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The System i is also referred to as IBM i, iSeries, AS/400, AS400 and i5

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