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RPG Toolbox

Modernize your RPG programs, write applications faster and maintain source code more effectively

RPG Toolbox will greatly improve the productivity of developers who write and maintain software on the IBM i (iSeries). The Toolbox allows you to modernize your RPG programs, write applications faster and maintain source code more effectively.

Now Available! Also convert H, F, D and P specifications to Totally Free-form RPG.  Modernize source from RDi or PDM.

RPG Toolbox Features

The Toolbox contains an abundance of easy-to-use productivity tools for everyday use. The primary capabilities of the Toolbox allow you to:

  • Convert RPG III and RPG/400 source code to modernized RPG IV syntax.
  • Rejuvenate existing RPG IV source code to take advantage of the most modern syntax available for your IBM i operating system release.
  • Convert RPG fixed-format specifications into Free-form syntax, with options to convert C specs only, or additionally convert H, F, D and P specs.
  • Use the plugin for Rational Developer for IBM i (RDi) to convert RPG source into Free-form and also indent existing Free-form nested logic.
  • More effectively work within IBM’s Source Entry Utility (SEU) using over 70 new line commands provided by the Toolbox’s SEU PLUS feature.
  • Clean up RPG source code by removing unused work fields, subroutines, prototypes, key lists, parameter lists and tags.

Besides the many RPG specific productivity aids, the RPG Toolbox was designed to also help you work with CL, DDS and CMD source code more effectively. The Toolbox includes the RPG Wizard, SEU Plus, Source Snippets and Clean RPG functions.