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Clean RPG Source

Find and remove unused definitions and logic with RPG Toolbox

The Clean RPG Source (CLNRPG) command will find, and optionally remove, unused definitions and logic found within RPG IV (RPGLE or SQLRPGLE) source code. CLNRPG can be configured to find unused stand-alone work fields, subroutines, prototypes, key lists, parameter lists and tags.

By removing unused definitions and logic from your RPG programs, these programs will compile faster and run more efficiently. The programs will also be easier to maintain and test since programmers will not have to work with unused source code.

The CLNRPG command has two different actions. The first action called *INSPECT will generate a report of unused definitions and logic in the program, but will not remove any source code. The second action called *CLEAN will generate a report and will additionally remove the unused definitions and logic from the source code. The removed definitions and logic will be placed into another source file (Recycle Bin) for backup purposes.

The CLNRPG command can be run from a command line, PDM or WDSc (WebSphere Development Studio client).