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SEU Plus

Improve productivity within IBM's SEU using RPG Toolbox

SEU PLUS dramatically enhances IBM's Source Entry Utility (SEU) with over 70 new line commands and function keys. It was designed to help developers write and maintain source code faster and more effectively on the iSeries.

>> Download the SEU Plus Cheat Sheet

Many of the SEU PLUS line commands work with most source types, including RPG, COBOL, DDS, CL and CMD Source.

  • Modernize Source - Modernize a block of RPG source with the latest RPG IV syntax available for your OS/400 release (fixed or free-form).

  • Expressions - Insert and edit long expressions. Prompt and insert built-in-functions. Additionally compress expressions into the minimum lines required.

  • Examine Variables - View the length and type of any variable (field) in a RPG IV program without having to browse through the source.

  • Key Lists and Parameter lists - Show the fields that make up a list without having to browse through the source.

  • Indicators - Show the numbered indicators used within a RPG IV program

  • Snippets of Source Code - Insert Snippets of predefined source code for building applications faster. Over 200 snippets are included.

  • Nested Code - Display nested logic in indented fashion with connector lines. Can also indent free-form logic.

  • Color Source - Color, highlight and underline source lines.

  • Convert Case - Convert one or more source lines to mixed, upper or lower case.

  • Comments - Comment-out logic quickly and better differentiate these comments from active logic.

  • Modification markers - Add modification markers quickly to one or more source lines in positions 1-4.

  • View other Source - Easilly view /COPY and /INCLUDE books within a source member.

  • Copy/Paste - Save and retrieve source lines from Memory (similar to Window’s Clipboard).

  • Compile Errors – Quickly show the status of the last compile and work with important compile errors within a pop-up window.

  • Execute OS/400 Commands - Popular OS/400 commands can be launched quickly from within SEU by entering simple line commands.

  • Miscellaneous Functions - Sort standalone work fields. Display a calculator that allows you to add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers.

SEU PLUS also allows developers to add their own custom line commands for launching OS/400 commands within SEU and for inserting predefined source code (snippets).