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Source Snippets

Write RPG source code faster using RPG Toolbox

Snippets of Source Code
Snippets of predefined source code can quickly be found and used within SEU. By using pre-tested and proven source code, the development cycle can be greatly shortened with less coding and testing time. Using Snippets can also help ensure programming standards are being followed.

Over 200 pre-defined snippets are included with the Toolbox, including source snippets for:

  • All RPG IV built-in functions(BIF) available up to V5R3.
  • All RPG IV free-format operations.
  • The program data structure (SDS) and the file information data structure (INFDS).
  • Definition (D) specifications for creating standalone fields, constants, data structures, arrays, procedure interfaces and prototypes.
  • File I/O operations with their corresponding BIFs (ie %found, %error, %eof, etc.).
  • Various embedded SQL statements for RPG IV.
  • A template for creating RPG IV sub-procedures.
  • Templates for creating new CL programs, Physical files and Logical files.
  • Standard header comments for starting out new RPG, DDS, CL and CMD source members.
  • Miscellaneous snippets (insert /Free block, comment block, etc.)

Intelligent Prompting
Most of the included snippets will intelligently prompt for values to fill into the snippet. For instance, the RPG CHAIN operation Snippet will prompt for the key list name, file name and other related values. The Toolbox will then merge those values with the snippet before inserting into your current source member.

Create your own Snippets
You can also create your own custom snippets of source code using the Toolbox-supplied Snippets as template examples.