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Learn what other IBM i shops have to say about RPG Toolbox

(RPG Toolbox was formally known as CVTILERPG)

M.G. Maher

"The RPG Wizard is so good, that I don't even bother to test a program after conversion because after converting hundreds of members, I've never encountered a problem. I use the Snippets feature every day to speed code writing and keeps me from having to pull out the RPG manual to figure out the syntax of coding structures. I've created my own snippets for compiler directives and some coding standards I use. I use SEU Plus features every day as well, mostly to copy lines to memory and then insert them later. Overall this is a "must have" utility for RPG programmers!"

Tim Phinney, MG Maher

"I think that the toolbox is a "must have" for developers and it helps a lot in the learning curve of the new free format C specs. Thanks a lot."

Alfonso Pérez, Cosmetique Active España
TimBar Packaging & Display

"My favorite part of the RPG Toolbox is the RPG Wizard. Where I work they have tons of RPG III code. I refuse to maintain it unless I can convert it to RPG IV using the Toolbox... We LOVE the RPG Toolbox here! ."

Bob Twigg, Tim-Bar Corporation
Gray & Company

"The RPG Toolbox is one of the few products that is bullet proof... I hope the author is getting rich because he deserves it."

George Keenan, Gray and Co
The Pantry

"We have been using the Toolbox for 2 years and have come to depend on the SEUPLUS portion daily. We have written numerous snippets to standardize and ease programming. It has become a must have tool. I would recommend this product to any development shop out there. It has taken the old CVTILERPG that passed around years ago and made it an on-going useful tool. Consider the cost an investment rather than an expense."

Bill Barnes, The Pantry
KLLM Transport Services

"I found the new Snippet and SEUPLUS line commands very helpful and both should help in reducing development time by our staff.

Jonathan Warren, KLLM Inc.

"Have really enjoyed your product. It has been a great teaching tool. We converted all of our old RPG source to ILE at once and all of us have been writing ILE code ever since. My manager said that was some of the best money he had ever spent."

Tim Lord, HPS

"We successfully converted our entire banking application (over 13,000 RPG programs) using CVTILERPG. CVTILERPG addressed all our conversion requirements and is by far the most robust RPG conversion utility we tested. We recommend it to all our clients."

Darrell Priddy, Fiserv, Inc.
The Proven Method

"Last year we converted almost all of our RPG III legacy code to RPG ILE using CVTILERPG. During this conversion we also became Y2K compliant using ISO dates as our standard dates in files. This would not have been possible without CVTILERPG. Your product was the main reason we converted all our database files to use ISO date format. By eliminating the manual conversion of RPG III as one of our tasks, we were able to concentrate on the remaining tasks more effectively. The conversion to RPG ILE and the use of ISO date format was very successful, the only errors being data overflow problems in a few programs. These were not apparent in RPG III but in RPG ILE, they halted the programs. This was good since it improved the data integrity of our database. All our code today is written in RPG ILE. Ours is a very small shop. The training curve for our programmers to grasp and use RPG ILE was greatly enhanced by using CTVILERPG. CVTILEPRG - it's a GREAT tool!

Paul Holko, The Proven Method
Oxford Networks

"What a tool CVTILERPG is! By converting old code, I now run the Debug on it in RPG IV! Your utility software makes "old code" much easier to read for new programmers. As a new programmer with very little experience in RPG II or III, CVTILERPG makes life so much easier and more on my level. "

Chuck Barnes, Oxford Networks
Key Training and Consulting

"The CVTILERPG utility has been an invaluable tool in accelerating the learning curve for both new and experienced programmers. By converting familiar source code, programmers can relate instantly to the new RPG IV techniques. Nervous jitters over using new techniques are virtually eliminated when all the source code is consistent."

Michael Davidson, Key Training and Consulting
Thoresen System AS

"I tried CVTILERPG and it was: astonishing, astounding, fabulous, fantastic, fantastical, incredible, marvelous, miraculous, phenomenal, prodigious, stupendous, unbelievable, wonderful, wondrous. Okay, I had to look these up in the dictionary but that’s how impressed I am with this utility. It’s really made the conversion to ILE much easier, faster and has saved me a lot of time. Thanks Linoma Software!"

Borre Thoresen, Thoresen System AS

"CVTILERPG is the easiest way to learn RPG IV. It gives you a great head start. It's a wonderful tool!"

Tim Feldmeier, Enesco