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The license price for RPG Toolbox is based on the size of your IBM i (iSeries) processor group. It is licensed per partition and allows for unlimited RPG conversions and unlimited developers for the use of the RPG Toolbox on that partition.

You can also choose to purchase the RDi plugin, which allows you to convert RPG to Free form and indent nested logic from within the RDi graphical environment. 

 Processor Group *

RPG Toolbox Price
(per partition)













 Additional Modules


 RDi plugin 


** This price allows multiple developers to use the RDi plugin for the IBM i partition in which the RPG Toolbox is licensed.

* Execute the command WRKLICINF to view the processor group of your IBM i.  The processor group will be listed on the top of that screen.

Click here to purchase RPG Toolbox online.

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