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Graphical Productivity Suite to work efficently with your IBM i database files, spooled files and IFS files

Surveyor/400 is an award-winning solution for maximizing the value of your IBM i (iSeries). Using Surveyor/400, both I.T. personnel and end-users can quickly access and work with IBM i data, files, libraries, objects and reports.   Powerful security and audit features are included in Surveyor/400 to allow you to control and monitor user activity within the product.

Thousands of IBM i users enjoy Surveyor/400's productivity gains on a day-to-day basis. There is simply no other product that offers the same level of functionality and speed as Surveyor/400.

A wide variety of users can take advantage of the benefits of Surveyor/400. With its extensive built-in security, you have the control over which features, libraries, files, fields and records are available for each individual user.

I.T. Developers, Analysts and DBAs

If you perform development for the IBM i, you will discover that Surveyor/400 provides a wide variety of benefits to make your job easier. Listed below is just a sample of some of the work you can easily perform using Surveyor/400:

  • Explore your IBM i through a drill-down tree interface similar to Windows Explorer
  • View extensive details on any object through an intuitive multi-tabbed panel
  • Query, display and edit database records using Surveyor/400’s graphical File Editor
  • Perform mass updates and deletes of database records that meet your filter criteria
  • Track database record changes with detailed audit logs
  • Display database relations between Physicals and their Logicals
  • Print or copy database file layouts into Excel
  • Enter, run and test SQL statements using Surveyor/400’s comprehensive SQL editor
  • Create, modify, copy and test Stored Procedures
  • Reverse engineer database files into their corresponding DDS or DDL source code
  • Display and change data areas
  • Find objects and files using a wide variety of search criteria (generic name, dates, sizes, etc.)
  • Access objects quickly by keying in their object name through a “fast path” dialog
  • Organize related files into user-defined groups
  • Manage objects using the mouse or a command line (e.g. duplicate, move, delete, change, etc.)
  • Switch to different IBM i systems, LPAR partitions and IASPs with a couple clicks of the mouse

I.T. Administrators and Operators

Besides all of the capabilities listed above, you can use Surveyor/400 to perform numerous administrative functions on the IBM i. Surveyor/400 provides a point-and-click graphical interface that allows you to rapidly:

  • Duplicate objects between IBM i systems, LPARs and IASPs with a couple clicks of the mouse
  • Replicate DB2 data between systems using wizards for filtering records and mapping fields
  • Clean up disk space by finding and removing unused objects
  • Find and track large database files on the system
  • Verify that your libraries and objects are getting backed up
  • Create, download and upload Save file objects
  • Work with files and directories on the Integrated File System (IFS)
  • Import Excel documents and text files into database files (interactively or in batch)
  • Export database records into Excel documents and text files (interactively or in batch)

A command line interface has also been provided in Surveyor/400 to allow you to quickly prompt and execute most OS/400 commands.

IBM i End-Users

Your users will love how easy it is to query, download and print IBM i information using Surveyor/400. In most cases, data can be accessed without ever touching the keyboard. Listed below is a sample of some of the Surveyor/400 capabilities you can make available for your users.

  • Query and sort data using built-in graphical wizards
  • Browse data through an intuitive spreadsheet-like interface
  • Graphically design custom reports that can be executed, saved and reused
  • Download data into Excel documents and text files
  • View and convert spooled files into PDF or text files
  • Perform 5250 emulation using Surveyor/400’s built-in emulator (Client Access is not required)

If your company is still using IBM's Query/400, then you should definitely look at the more flexible report writer provided in Surveyor/400. Less than 60 minutes is required to become proficient with the product.


We knew that users would be resistant to leave the traditional green screen for anything slower. That's why we designed Surveyor/400 to be very fast and lightweight. OS/400 APIs and stored procedures are often utilized in Surveyor/400 to provide optimum response times. You'll discover that Surveyor/400 allows you to quickly maneuver through your IBM i information.

Surveyor/400's graphical components do not consume interactive CPW, allowing it to take advantage of the processor CPW of your system. Surveyor/400 has been verified to work very well with non-interactive Standard IBM i machines.