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Click any of the topic titles below to view a short tutorial of the function. You will need Macromedia's Flash Player installed on your computer to view the files. Click here to download the free Flash Player, if you don't currently have it installed.

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The Surveyor/400 plug-in for WDSc provides tools that can be accessed from within the Websphere Development Studio Client.
Spool File Manager IBM i (iSeries) spool files can be viewed, exported in text or PDF format, deleted and moved from within Surveyor/400's Spooled File Manager.
SQL Wizard With Surveyor/400's SQL Wizard, users can join multiple database files together and filter, sort and select records. Surveyor/400 will create the SQL statement for you.
Import Wizard PC files can be uploaded to the AS/400 in four simple steps with Surveyor/400's Import Wizard. Importing files to the AS/400 has never been easier.
Export Wizard Surveyor/400's Export Wizard increases the speed and ease of exporting by allowing you to graphically create, maintain and reuse export specifications. Exported records can be targeted to the user's workstation or the Integrated File System (IFS). Export formats include Excel, XML, fixed width, custom delimiters, HTML, CSV and TAB delimited.
Export Via File Editor When using Surveyor/400's file editor, you can export data to your workstation or clipboard using the Export function from the toolbar or by right-clicking a column heading and selecting the Export option.
File Editor Surveyor/400's file editor allows you to quickly access and easily edit data in DB2/400 files using a graphical spreadsheet-like interface.   You can quickly position to a specific record by key or RRN, or build a filter to easily find the records you need to view and/or modify.  Columns can be resized, protected, hidden or moved for your personal needs. You can save these personalized file layouts for future use by you or your team members.
File Editor Filtering Using the AS/400 query optimizer for optimal performance, Surveyor/400 allows you to enter up to 99 filter criteria lines. The results are returned in subsets, so you only see the records that match your requested criteria. This makes it easier to work with your data and export to a PC compatible file.
Mass Update Surveyor/400 allows you to mass replace a field with another value - either all records in a file or just records that match a filter.
File Editor Sorting You can sort records by the file’s key fields, relative record number (RRN) or create your own layout using custom criteria. Up to 99 fields can be specified in ascending or descending order.
Modifying Your File Editor View Information in Surveyor/400 is presented in tables. The format of these tables can be modified by dragging columns left or right or hiding and sorting columns by selecting the appropriate action when right-clicking on a column.
Adding a System Surveyor/400 can be configured to work with one or multiple IBM i's (iSeries).
Library List Surveyor/400 allows you to create a customized library list to be displayed in your Visual Tree. Administrators may also define and restrict a user to a library list created by the Administrator for the user.
File Search You may often need to search for a particular file or a group of files having certain characteristics. Surveyor/400's sophisticated search screen allows you to easily find those files by providing over a dozen different search criteria.
FTP Transfer objects from one IBM i to another using Surveyor/400's graphical FTP function.  Just click the objects you want to send and select the FTP option.  Objects can be sent interactively or submitted through a batch job.
File Properties No longer will you need to key in multiple AS/400 commands and wade through cumbersome character-based screens to view information on your files. Through the use of Surveyor/400's graphical tab panels, file information is displayed in a simple and logical environment.

Note: You may need to open the tutorials in a separate tab or window.

Note: IBM i is also referred to as iSeries, System i, as400, as/400 and i5.

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