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Top questions and answers on Surveyor/400

Is Surveyor/400 the same as IBM Navigator for i (formerly Operations Navigator)?

Surveyor/400 is very different from IBM Navigator for i. We believe that Navigator is primarily used for performing system configuration and administration work. While Navigator does offer some data management features, we believe it is not nearly as fast and comprehensive as Surveyor/400. Our customers have told us that there is no comparison.

Organizations are generally fearful to give Navigator to their end users because of the fear of security risks and learning curves. Surveyor/400 includes a comprehensive security manager to let you precisely control which libraries and Surveyor/400 features a user can have access to.

Surveyor/400 is more lightweight than Navigator, requiring less system resources on your workstation. If you compare the two, you’ll find that Surveyor/400’s screens have much better response times.

Can Surveyor/400 run on a non-Windows desktop?

Yes. The Surveyor/400 client software is written in the portable language of Java. Many of our customers are successfully running Surveyor/400 on a variety of workstation operating systems. Surveyor/400 can be installed on Windows, Linux graphical desktops, Sun Solaris desktops, Unix graphical desktops and the Macintosh.

Why should I use Surveyor/400 when we already have character-based database tools?

The comprehensive graphical interface of Surveyor/400 is much more usable than limited character-based tools. More information can be displayed at one time in a more intuitive fashion. As an example, the "Object Properties" screen in Surveyor/400 replaces 8 different OS/400 commands for viewing complete details on a physical file.

Multiple windows can also be opened at one time on the screen. For instance, you could open several database files into separate windows and simply toggle between them. This flexible interface will save you many keystrokes and improve productivity.

Since Surveyor/400 integrates with your PC, you can quickly transfer data back and forth between your PC and IBM i. For instance, when using Surveyor/400’s File Editor, you can just click on an IBM i database record and copy it into Excel.

Why should I use Surveyor/400's file transfer and emulator when I already have Client Access?

Surveyor/400 is a more lightweight solution than Client Access. It requires less PC resources, does not make numerous Window's registry entries and co-habitates very nicely along side other applications.

Many customers have complimented us on how much easier it is to transfer data using Surveyor/400 versus Client Access. For instance, when uploading a PC file into an IBM i database with Surveyor/400, you can actually view the PC data on the screen and quickly map its columns to the target database fields through an intuitive graphical wizard. You do not have to bother with creating FDF files.

The emulator in Surveyor/400 is full featured, with full color support, keyboard mapping, 132 column support, macros, etc. Plus you can launch various Surveyor/400 graphical components from the command line in Surveyor/400's emulator. For instance, you can just enter "SFE filename" on the command line to launch Surveyor/400's graphical file editor over a database file.

Is Surveyor/400 expensive?

No. Linoma believes every IBM i shop should be able to take advantage of the productivity benefits of Surveyor/400. You can now download a FREE single user license of Surveyor/400 with no obligations. If you would like unlimited users for Surveyor/400, it has an affordable price of only $995 for a P05 processor group. NO PER-USER LICENSE FEES!