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5250 Emulation

Access traditional IBM i screens using Surveyor/400's comprehensive 5250 emulator

Surveyor/400 includes a full-featured 5250 emulator, which allows for multiple simultaneous connections to your IBM i.

Demonstrates the 5250 emulator


  • Access to the 5250 emulator can be restricted by User ID
  • Can connect to multiple IBM i at a time
  • Multiple sessions allowed per IBM i
  • 80 or 132 column modes supported
  • Named device support
  • Full color support - user can change colors
  • Five different fonts to choose from – you can optionally choose font sizes and styles
  • Screens can be resized easily - display font adjusts automatically
  • Cursor can be either an underline or a block
  • Keyboard can be remapped quickly with easy-to-use screen
  • Keyboard buffering supported
  • Record and playback macros
  • Copy/Cut the entire or portion of the 5250 screen to the clipboard
  • Paste clipboard text onto the 5250 screen to save keystrokes
  • Print the screen to your local printer
  • Graphical file editor and object properties components can be launched from the command line with shortcut commands