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Command Editor

Run IBM i Commands from Surveyor/400

The Command Editor allows users to type in and execute one or more IBM i commands. The commands entered may be saved to a command script that can be opened later.

Accessing the Command Editor

  • The Command Editor may be accessed by clicking the Command Editor icon on the main Surveyor/400 toolbar (also available in the Tools Menu). The Command Editor may also be accessed by right-clicking an IBM i system icon.

Entering Commands

  • Commands are entered in the 'Enter Command' text area at the top of the screen. The command(s) may be prompted by placing the cursor on the command pressing the F4 key or the Prompt button. The command(s) may be run by using the 'Run' button. If multiple commands are entered, a semi-colon must separate them.

Create, Open, Save Scripts

  • To start a new Command script, click the New icon or select File -> New from the File menu. If you have an existing script in the dialog window, you will be prompted whether or not to save the existing script first. Surveyor/400 will not prompt you to save the script if it has already been saved and no changes have been made to the script since the last save. To save the script, click Yes and give the script a name and then save it to your desired script directory. Otherwise click Cancel to return to the dialog window or No to not save the script. You can click the Save icon to Save the script.