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Create Library

Surveyor/400's "Create Library" function is the same as the AS/400 CRTLIB command. To activate it, select: Tools --> Create --> Library

Surveyor/400's Create Library function

Field Reference:

  • Library or SQL Collection: Select which you would like to create
  • System: The system where the library will be saved
  • Library Name: The name of the new library
  • Remarks: View description/comments
  • Auxiliary Storage Pool ID (ASP): Disk storage pool
Advanced Options
(for "Library" only)
  • Library Type: *PROD, *TEST
  • Create Authority: *SYSVAL, *CHANGE, *ALL, *USE, *EXCLUDE
  • Create Object Auditing: *SYSVAL, *NONE, *CHANGE, *ALL, *USRPRF
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