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Data Export

Export DB2/400 data to Excel, CSV, and fixed-width with a single click

You can export DB2/400 file data to PC compatible files quickly using your mouse. Just right-click the file and select the "Export" option. Several popular PC file formats are supported. Finding the right file and downloading its data has never been easier.

Demonstrates the selecting of the Export option


  • Access to Data Export can be restricted by user id
  • Select the file to export from the visual tree, file search, fast path, file groups or file editor screen
  • Works with both physical and logical files
  • Optionally include column headings in the first row
  • Export to Excel, comma delimited, tab delimited, fixed-width, HTML and XML
  • Shows number of records exported with progress bar
  • Export specifications can be saved and then can be manually retrieved or executed automatically using any IBM i Scheduler or in a CL program