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Data Import Wizard

Import data from PC files into DB2 files using Surveyor/400

You can import PC compatible files into DB2/400 files using your mouse. Excel, delimited and fixed-width PC files are supported. Data can be mapped to existing database fields and a FDF file is not required to be created before you import data.

Demonstrates how fields can be mapped from a comma-delimited file to a database file


  • Access to Data Import can be restricted by User ID
  • Import Excel, delimited (CSV) and fixed-width PC-compatible files
  • For delimited files, specify the type of delimiter (ie. comma, tab, etc.)
  • For fixed-width files, specify the from/to positions of data elements
  • Import into an existing file or create a new file using a wizard
  • Create a new member, replace a member or append to a member
  • Shows number of records imported with progress bar
  • Log file keeps track of any import errors
  • Import specifications can be saved and then can be manually retrieved or executed automatically using any IBM i Scheduler or in a CL program