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Export Wizard

Surveyor/400's Export Wizard allows you to quickly select and export (download) database records using intuitive graphical wizards. Exported records can be targeted to your workstation, a mapped network drive, the Integrated File System (IFS) or another database file. Supported export formats include Excel, XML, fixed width, delimited text and HTML.

Demonstrates the criteria portion of the Export Wizard


Launches from main toolbar or by right-clicking on a file
Works with Surveyor/400's SQL Wizard to create custom exports
Export formats include: Excel, XML, fixed width, custom delimiters, HTML, CSV and TAB delimited
Exported records can be saved to the user's workstation, the Integrated File System (IFS) or another database file.
Date and decimal formats can be user defined
Number of records to export can be modified
Specifications can be saved to workstation or IFS and then can be manually retrieved or executed automatically using any iSeries Scheduler or in a CL program
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