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Fast Path

Quickly access an object on the IBM i with Surveyor/400's Fast Path

The Fast Path screen allows you to quickly jump to one of the many features within Surveyor/400.  Just enter the object's name, library, and type, then click the feature you want to run.

Demonstrates Fast Path screen


  • Most object types are supported
  • Can search library list for an object - specific library name does not always have to be entered
  • View the File Properties or Object Properties for an object
  • Export a database file from the IBM i to your workstation
  • Add a database file to a File Group
  • Jump to the SQL Run Center with a pre-formatted SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE OR DELETE statement
  • Work with data in a file using the File Editor
  • Send an object to another IBM i using the Graphical FTP feature
  • Generate DDS source code for a physical or logical file
  • Generate SQL script for a physical file (reverse engineer into CREATE statements)
  • Create/Alter/Drop tables with the Maintain button
  • Object combo box remembers previous 10 object names entered for quick retrieval