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File Layouts

Surveyor/400 Custom File Layouts get to the data you need faster

Within the file editor, you can create custom file layouts to make your data easier to work with, without you having to create additional logical files or SQL views.  You can then save these personalized file layouts to be used again by yourself or your team members.  When you want to use a file layout, just double-click it and you will automatically be advanced to the file editor.  You can also use a layout as a filter when exporting data.

Demonstrates the layouts created by a particular user

Using Layouts:

  • Create and save layouts quickly from within the file editor
  • Search for existing layouts by a combination of file, library, user id and description
  • Use a layout by double-clicking on it
  • Alleviates the need for additional logical files and SQL views
  • Surveyor/400 file layouts do not modify the underlying file's external definition
  • Can use layout to export data to workstation

Header information stored in a Layout:

  • Name of File and Library that the layout is based on
  • Custom layout name specified by the user
  • Description of the layout specified by the user
  • User id that created the layout
  • Date and time created
  • If the layout is protected from being used by other users

Layout information stored:

  • Order of the fields on the screen
  • Width of the fields on the screen
  • Fields that are protected(view only) from changes on the screen
  • Fields that are hidden
  • Upper/lower case settings by field
  • Filter criteria - for automatically subsetting the data
  • Custom sorting - for automatically sorting the data differently than its keyed fields