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File Properties

View file properties through the Surveyor/400 graphical interface

No longer will you need to key in multiple IBM i commands and wade through cumbersome character-based screens to view information on your files. Through the use of Surveyor/400's tabbed screen, file information is displayed in a simple and logical environment.

Demonstrates the authority for a physical file, showing both its Library and Object authority


  • Select file to work with from the visual tree, file search, fast path, file groups screen or by directly typing its name.
  • General tab shows general information for the file - similar to DSPFD information
  • Object tab shows object description information for the file - similar to DSPOBJD information
  • Fields tab shows the fields defined in the file - similar to DSPFFD information
  • DBR tab shows database relations for the file (dependent logicals) - similar to DSPDBR information
  • Triggers tab shows the triggers for the file - similar to PRTTRGPGM information
  • Constraints tab shows the referential integrity constraints for a file - similar to WRKPFCST information
  • Authority tab shows both the library and object authority for a file - similar to DSPOBJAUT information
  • DDS tab shows the DDS source code for a file - based on the service data in the object description
  • Locks tab shows any locks on a file - similar to WRKOBJLCK information. You can send a break message to the person with the lock by right-clicking on the lock.
  • Members tab shows the members in a file - similar to DSPFD members information
  • Formats tab shows the record formats in a file - similar to DSPFD formats information
  • Preview tab shows the data in a file - similar to DSPPFM information