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File Search

Find files quickly using extensive search criteria in Surveyor/400

You may often need to search for a particular file or a group of files having certain characteristics. Surveyor/400's sophisticated search screen allows you to easily find those files by providing over a dozen different search criteria.

Demonstrates searching for files last used between a certain date range

Search criteria allowed:

  • Generic file name
  • Files contained within a particular Library name, *ALL, *ALLUSR, *LIBL or *USRLIBL
  • Physical files only
  • Logical files only
  • Journaled files only
  • Files having Triggers
  • Files having Constraints
  • DDM files only
  • Files Created, Modified, Saved, Not Saved or Last Used within a date range or within a prior number of days
  • Files Not Used within a prior number of days
  • Files within a Size range, 'at least' a certain size or 'at most' a certain size
  • Files created by a particular User id
  • Files having at least a certain % of Deleted records
  • Files with a particular string in its object Description
  • Search can be canceled at any time
  • Search criteria items work together as AND conditions
  • List of files found can be printed, added to a file group, exported to the clipboard or to a PC file
  • Any file found can be acted upon through its right-click popup menu (properties, edit, FTP, export, etc.)