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File Editor

Surveyor/400's file editor allows you to quickly access and easily edit data in DB2/400 files using a spreadsheet-like interface.  You can quickly position to a specific record by key or RRN, or build a filter to easily find the records you need to view and/or modify. Columns can be resized, protected, hidden or moved for your personal needs. You can then save these personalized file layouts to be used again by you or your team members.

Demonstrates how data is changed by just clicking on the cell and keying in the new value


Access to File Editor can be restricted by user id - optionally can grant "View-only" rights
User only has access to libraries determined by the Surveyor/400 Administrator
Additionally honors IBM’s iSeries object authority for restricting access to files
Mass update and mass delete can be restricted by user id

General usage:

Select a file to work with from the visual tree, file search, file groups, fast path screen or by directly typing its name.
View, add, update and delete records in a file
Supports non-keyed physical files, keyed physicals, logicals, join logicals and DDM files
Multi-format and multi-member files supported
Work with multiple files at one time - number of windows opened is only limited by available memory
Choose to see multiple rows of data or just a single record at a time
Field headings can be field names, field text, field column headings or custom headings
Resize, move, hide or protect fields to create custom file layouts
Save file layouts for reuse and optionally share these layouts with your team members
Easily select a different file member, logical or format to use with a click of the mouse
Jump to a file's properties with a click of the mouse
Positioning the mouse cursor over a field brings up a pop-up window displaying its field name, description, type and length.


Maneuver quickly from record-to-record and field-to-field with the mouse or keyboard
Edit, cut, copy and paste data using your mouse or keyboard
Transfer data between PC documents easily by using cut, copy and paste functions
Date, time and timestamp fields are automatically validated
Display and change variable length data in both abbreviated and full-screen views
Field and record level undo
Carry certain fields forward on add operations - similar to DUP function
Duplicate record(s) easily by selecting them and pressing the duplicate button
Hexadecimal mode allows you to view and change data with hexadecimal values
Indicates if a field contains a NULL value vs blanks
Set a NULL value for a field
Set upper/lower case by field
Supports decimal data errors

Data types supported:

Variable length

Record positioning:

Position by key
Position by relative record number(RRN)
Bookmark records for repositioning to

Record sorting:

Sort records by the file’s key fields (default)
Sort records by relative record number (RRN)
Sort records using custom criteria
- up to 99 fields can be specified
- ascending/descending order can be specified by field
Uses the iSeries query optimizer for optimal performance
Custom record sorting is saved with the file layout for reuse


Up to 99 filter criteria lines can be entered
AND/OR and Parenthesis support is provided for complex expressions
Compare a field against a value or another field
Compare a date field against the current date

Comparison operators supported:
=    (equal)
<    (less than)
<=  (less than or equal)
>    (greater than)
>=  (greater than or equal)
<>  (not equal)
Not Contains
Contains Ignore Case
Not Contains Ignore Case
Is Blank
Not Blank
Is Null
Not Null

Uses the iSeries query optimizer for optimal performance
Subsets the results returned, so you only see the records that match your filter's criteria
Subsetted data can be exported to a PC compatible file
Filters are saved with the file layout for reuse

Mass maintenance:

Can mass replace a field with another value - either all records in a file or just records that match the filter
Can mass delete records - either all records in a file or just records that match the filter
Clear file member (CLRPFM) supported

Audit logging:

If audit logging is turned on, all data changes made to a file through Surveyor/400 are reported, including:
- Adds
- Changes
- Deletes
For each record logged, reports the record image(before/after for changes), user id and date/time changed
Also logs mass deletes and mass updates
Administrator can designate the output queue or database file for log reports by user id
Administrator can force Audit Logging by user id
Users without "forced" Audit Logging can turn it On or Off with a click of the mouse
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