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FTP Made Easy

Surveyor makes it easy to transfer objects between IBM i systems and partitions

Transfer objects from one iSeries to another or between the IBM i and workstation using Surveyor/400's graphical FTP to feature. Just right-click the objects you want to send and select the FTP option. Objects sent to another IBM i can also be submitted through a batch job.

Demonstrates a request to FTP a library to another iSeries


  • Honors any existing IBM i FTP security, including exit programs
  • Access to FTP can be restricted by user id
  • Select the object(s) to FTP from the visual tree, file search, object search, fast path or file groups screen
  • FTP to Workstation - Objects and libraries can be transferred to the workstation, using a customizable SAVOBJ or SAVLIB command.
  • Send most object types, including complete libraries
  • Uses Save files to allow multiple objects to be sent at one time and to retain their characteristics
  • Override the target library for restoring the objects into
  • Optionally send database files as raw data
  • Duplicate objects into other libraries on the same IBM i
  • FTP to IBM i can be run interactively, immediately in batch or scheduled in batch for a later date/time
  • Indicates if the FTP request completed normally
  • Complete logging of all Surveyor/400 FTP activity - keeps detailed FTP conversations
  • Full error reporting