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FTP Made Easy

Transfer objects from one iSeries to another or between the iSeries and workstation using Surveyor/400's graphical FTP to feature. Just right-click the objects you want to send and select the FTP option. Objects sent to another iSeries can also be submitted through a batch job.

Demonstrates a request to FTP a library to another iSeries


Honors any existing iSeries FTP security, including exit programs
Access to FTP can be restricted by user id
Select the object(s) to FTP from the visual tree, file search, object search, fast path or file groups screen
FTP to Workstation - Objects and libraries can be transferred to the workstation, using a customizable SAVOBJ or SAVLIB command.
Send most object types, including complete libraries
Uses Save files to allow multiple objects to be sent at one time and to retain their characteristics
Override the target library for restoring the objects into
Optionally send database files as raw data
Duplicate objects into other libraries on the same iSeries
FTP to iSeries can be run interactively, immediately in batch or scheduled in batch for a later date/time
Indicates if the FTP request completed normally
Complete logging of all Surveyor/400 FTP activity - keeps detailed FTP conversations
Full error reporting


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