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General Features


FREE Single User License allows one concurrent user of Surveyor/400 per iSeries (free license only supported for OS/400 versions V5R1 and higher). There are no functionality restrictions on the free single user license, but a new key must be requested every 90 days.
Organizations can upgrade to a multi-user license from $995 to $3495 per iSeries

Installation and Upgrades:

iSeries requirements: V5R1 or greater of the iSeries Operating System
Front-end supports Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh or any OS installed with a compliant JAVA Virtual Machine(JVM 1.4)
Does not require IBM's Client Access
Uses a direct TCP/IP connection to your iSeries with NO additional middleware needed
Installs quickly on your workstation - typically in just a few minutes
Product upgrades from Linoma Software are easy to get with its single-click "Web Update" feature
Product upgrades can be distributed quickly to additional workstations through the iSeries IFS


Supports OS/400 security level 40
Does not compromise OS/400 object level security
Surveyor/400 user must have a valid iSeries User ID and password
Additionally adds its own security layer for controlling access to iSeries information

Graphical environment:

Front-end written in 100% pure JAVA
User selectable look-and-feel of Windows, Motif, Java Metal or 5250 green screen
Comprehensive on-line help text with index
All iSeries information is displayed/updated in "real-time" mode - does not require pre-built work files
Multiple windows of information can be opened at one time
Full mouse support - point and click interface
Extensive use of graphical components such as popup menus, drop-down menus, push buttons, toolbars, combo boxes, radio buttons, check boxes and popup calendars
Keyboard short-cut keys available for most features
Auto-resizes screen components to accommodate your screen resolution


Most information seen on Surveyor/400 screens can also be printed
Printer selection and number of Copies options
User defined custom report headings
Auto-sizes printer fonts to fit report information to the page width
Portrait and Landscape modes supported


Free unlimited toll-free technical support to registered users
Support staff is friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help


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