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Integrated File System (IFS)

Easily work with and edit IFS files through the graphical Surveyor/400 interface

The IBM i's Integrated File System (IFS) is easy to work with using Surveyor/400.  Just drill into an IFS folder to expand out its sub-folders and files.  A folder can also be opened in it's own IFS Explorer window. Right-click JPG images, GIF images and text documents to view/edit them with the built-in text editor.

Exploring an IFS folder to show its sub-folders and files


  • Access to IFS can be restricted by user id
  • Drill into folders to show their sub-folders and files
  • Shows file names, sizes and modified dates in tree
  • Extensive properties for each file/folder can be viewed, including permissions
  • Can view JPG and GIF images through built-in image viewer
  • Can edit and view text documents in either ASCII or EBCDIC with built-in text editor - unlimited file sizes supported
  • Copy/move IFS files to your workstation
  • Copy workstation files to your IFS
  • Copy/move IFS files between IFS folders
  • Create new IFS folders
  • Typically much better performance than Client Access's Windows Explorer interface