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Library Lists

Customize Library Lists for faster productivity with Surveyor/400

Surveyor/400 allows you to create a customized library list to be shown in your Visual Tree, so you only see the libraries you normally work with.  Administrators may also set a library list for each user of Surveyor/400, so the users can only work with information in certain libraries.

Demonstrates the libraries available on the left side and libraries selected on the right side

Libraries that may be selected:

  • A custom library list you build through the library list screen
  • The library list you get when you sign onto the IBM i (*LIBL)
  • The user portion of the library list when you sign onto the IBM i (*USRLIBL)
  • All user libraries you are authorized to on the IBM i (*ALLUSR)
  • All user and system libraries you are authorized to on the IBM i (*ALL)