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Library Properties

Surveyor/400 displays IBM i library properties on-screen

Library information can be displayed quickly and intuitively through the use of Surveyor/400's tabbed screen. You can even see the "true" size and number of objects in a library, which is much easier than wading through IBM's DSPLIB report.

Demonstrates the general properties for a library


Select library to work with from the visual tree or fast path screen.

General tab shows general information for the library, including the total count and size of objects in the library

Object tab shows object description information for the library - similar to DSPOBJD information

Physicals tab shows the physical files in the library

Logicals tab shows the logical files in the library

Procedures tab shows the stored procedures in the library

Authority tab shows the authority for a library - similar to DSPOBJAUT information

Locks tab shows any locks on a library - similar to WRKOBJLCK information

DDM tab shows the DDM files in the library