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Object Search

Often you need to search for a particular object or a group of objects having certain characteristics. Surveyor/400's sophisticated search screen allows you to easily find those objects by providing over a dozen different search criteria.

Demonstrates searching for all programs starting with "at" in *ALLUSR libraries

Search criteria allowed:

Generic object name
Objects contained within a particular Library name, *ALL, *ALLUSR, *LIBL or *USRLIBL
A specific Type of object (i.e. program)
A specific Attribute of a file (i.e. display file)
Objects Created, Modified, Saved, Not Saved or Last Used within a date range or within a prior number of days
Objects Not Used within a prior number of days
Objects within a Size range, 'at least' a certain size or 'at most' a certain size
Objects created by a particular User id
Objects with a particular string in its object Description


Search can be canceled at any time
Search criteria items work together as AND conditions
List of objects found can be exported to the clipboard or to a PC file
Any object found can be acted upon through its right-click popup menu (properties, FTP, etc.)



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