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Spooled File Manager

Quickly view and export spooled files with Surveyor/400

Surveyor/400's spooled file manager allows you to quickly view, export, delete, hold, release and move text spooled files. The list can be filtered by output queue, library, user, form type and user data.

Demonstrates loading of User: DMONTI's spooled files

Filter criteria for loading spooled files:

  • System
  • Output queue and library
  • User
  • Form Type
  • User Data
  • Job
  • Name
  • Status
  • Create Date

Surveyor/400 spooled file actions:

View Displays a spooled file. While viewing you have a number of options available including the use of green bars, font size and search options. You may choose to export the file to your workstation or IBM i's IFS by selecting one of the Export options from the Tools menu. You may double-click a file to view it as well.
Properties Displays the general attributes of the spooled file such as status, date created and printing instructions.
Export You may choose to export the file to your workstation or system's IFS in either a text or Adobe PDF format. You can also convert multiple spooled files at one time.
Hold Prevent the printing of a file; for example, to wait until special forms can be mounted on a printer.
Release Used to let a held file (see Hold above) go ahead and print.
Delete Get rid of unnecessary spooled files. You will be asked to confirm, when you do, the file is erased from the system.
Move... You may relocate the spooled file to a different output queue/library.