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SQL Editor

Surveyor/400's SQL Editor is easy to use and versatile

Enter freeform SQL statements to use with your DB2/400 files.  View the results of SELECT statements in a spreadsheet-like grid, with the option to export the results to a PC file.  You can run a wide array of other SQL statements, like UPDATE, DELETE, DROP, CREATE, etc.

Demonstrates a series of SQL statements entered, with the log window below


  • Access to SQL can be restricted by User ID - optionally can restrict access to only SELECT statements
  • Does not require IBM i licensed program "SQL Developers Kit"
  • Enter multiple SQL statements and run at one time
  • Save SQL statements to workstation as "Scripts" – can be reopened and ran later
  • Save SQL statements to source member on IBM i - can then run natively on IBM i using RUNSQLSTM command
  • Includes dozens of sample SQL statements to select from
  • Includes SQL wizard for graphically defining SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE & DELETE statements
  • Accepts a copied SQL statement from another application
  • Search for and optionally replace values in SQL Scripts
  • Comments can be entered between SQL statements
  • View SELECT results in a spreadsheet-like window
  • Print SELECT results to printer of choice
  • Export SELECT results to the clipboard, Excel, comma delimited format, tab delimited or HTML format
  • View query optimizer messages in the JOB LOG for SQL performance tuning
  • SQL log window keeps track of prior statements entered with result messages
  • Copy a previous SQL statement from the log window and paste in the editor to rerun
  • Full error reporting
  • Choose between SQL Naming or System Naming Convention