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SQL Generator

Use Surveyor/400 to convert DDS described files to SQL statements

Converting DDS described files to SQL described files has never been easier. Just specify the file name(s) and Surveyor/400 will reverse-engineer the file(s) into a SQL script. Surveyor/400 will generate the corresponding SQL statements to create the file with its labels, keys and indexes.

Demonstrates the SQL Script generated for a table


  • Select the file(s) to generate the SQL script for from the visual tree, file search, fast path or file groups screen
  • Generates the CREATE TABLE statement with fields, primary keys and unique keys
  • Generates the LABEL ON statements for describing fields
  • Generates the CREATE INDEX statements
  • Generates the SQL statements for Foreign keys
  • Can override the qualifying library name at generation time
  • Can open the generated SQL script in Surveyor/400’s SQL Editor for further editing or execution
  • Can save the generated SQL script to your workstation